Learn about affirmative action.

HR Compliance

Affirmative Action

Take your brand and corporate culture to the next level! Start teaching your employees to understand the benefits and responsibilities of affirmative action plans.

This course is designed for managers of federal contractors, regulated by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP), who are required to publish an affirmative action plan each year and demonstrate their “good faith efforts” to create equal opportunity. Before taking this course, managers should have taken some type of EEO/Anti-discrimination training.

This course teaches managers to:

  • Identify the primary objectives of the company’s affirmative action plan.
  • Prepare for audits by OFCCP staff, including typical audit questions asked and suggested answers.
  • Use prior enforcement examples to prepare for a successful OFCCP audit.

  • Learners can submit questions anonymously to our Workplace experts for best practices and insight.

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    Course meets training requirements of EEOC and OFCCP.

    Publishes Company’s Affirmative Action Plan to managers per OFCCP guidelines.

    Prepares managers for typical OFCCP audit questions.


    Allows access to Emtrain Experts for best practices on this topic.

    Tailored to include your branding, policy, and AA Plan.

    Available in English.

    Includes Emtrain’s robust Learning Platform.

    Compatible with SCORM 1.2, 2004 or AICC.

    Approximately 20-30 minutes in lengt

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