Learn how to give a better performance review

HR Compliance

Performance Management Essentials

It's time to master your performance review prowess. Learn how set goals and objectives that will grow your business and workplace relationships.

This course teaches managers about the essentials of the continuous feedback process to ensure the manager and direct report are always in alignment as to goals and objectives, as well as employee performance strengths and weaknesses.

This course teaches managers to:

  • Establish SMART goals.
  • Give continuous, specific feedback that is documented.
  • Provide a performance review that is detailed and constructive for the employer and employee.

  • People can submit questions anonymously to our Workplace expert for best practices and insight.

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    Teaches managers the essentials of sound performance management.

    Includes video scenes to demonstrate SMART goals, specific feedback, and a constructive performance review.


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    Compatible with SCORM 1.2, 2004 or AICC.

    30 minutes in length.

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