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Preventing Workplace Harassment

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Sexual harassment training designed to create a more respectful and winning workplace culture for your organization.

This essential workplace harassment and sexual harassment training course uses engaging videos lessons of real workplace conflicts to educate & entertain your employees, while covering all legal mandates, including AB 1825. Show your team invaluable lessons through stories, expert Q&A, and our Workplace Color Spectrum™.

This course teaches your learners to:

  • Identify the legal definition of, and the conditions that create, workplace harassment.
  • Give feedback and modify inappropriate conduct before it becomes workplace harassment.
  • Use workplace policies and procedures for reporting workplace concerns.

  • Learners can submit questions anonymously to our Workplace Harassment experts for best practices and insight. One of our Experts, Phyllis Cheng, was the former Director of the California Department of Fair Employment & Housing, the department that prosecuted violations and enforced the AB 1825 and AB 2053 training mandates.


    Course experts are Phyllis Cheng, DLA Piper Partner and former Director of the California’s DFEH, and Janine Yancey, CEO of Emtrain.

    Course meets training mandates for California (AB 1825, AB 2053), Connecticut, New Jersey, Maine, and the EEOC.

    Instructs learners how to navigate employee conflicts with our Workplace Color Spectrum™.

    Teaches learners how to anticipate conflict based on common workplace situations.

    Teaches learners about what is or is not harassment, which may decrease frivolous claims in the workplace.

    Covers sexual harassment, bullying, and harassment based on other protected characteristics (e.g., race, religion, pregnancy, gender, etc.).


    Allows access to Emtrain Experts for best practices on this topic.

    Tailored to include your branding and policy.

    Integrates with LinkedIn to track personal training certifications.

    Available in English (Spanish and International versions coming soon).

    Includes Emtrain’s robust Learning Platform.

    Available in SCORM 1.2, 2004 3rd edition, and 2004 4th edition

    Available in a 2-hour timed version, untimed version, or a 1-hour version for managers; 40 minutes for employee version.

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