Managing Unconscious Bias Training

Partner Series*

Managing Unconscious Bias Program

Our Managing Unconscious Bias training program is designed to engage your workforce on a personal level and sustain an ongoing interactive conversation about UB.

Emtrain’s 4 Point UB Program includes:

1. Course: A short and engaging video training
2. Dialog: Learner feedback collection
3. Analysis: Report for employers with anonymous learner feedback
4. Follow-up: Micro-learning series with relevant workplace video scenes

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Teaches learners how to make better, evidence based decisions

Defines unconscious bias and shows its influence on recruitment, team dynamics and career advancement.

Captures anonymous learner feedback regarding their perceptions of unconscious bias within their workplace and their commitment to a strategy to minimize the effects of unconscious bias.

*A Partner Series course. Not included in our standard Course Plans or Libraries. Please click "GET STARTED" to request a demo.


Full access to Emtrain’s experts for guidance and best practices around diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias

Integrates with Linkedin & Degreed to track personal training certifications

Available in English

Includes Emtrain’s robust Learning Management System (LMS)

Approximately 30 minutes in length

Provides actionable learner feedback/data to the employer

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