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The Strategy Female White House Staffers Used to Get Their Ideas Heard

A recent study found that listeners (both male and female) are biased against female speakers even if they say the exact same thing as a man. This can be problematic in day-to-day...

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Webinar Q&A: Building an Unconscious Bias Program

During our recent Lessons on Building an Effective Unconscious Bias Program webinar, we gave attendees the opportunity to pick the brains of managing unconscious bias expert and Paradigm Founder & CEO, Joelle...

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What We Learned From Wells Fargo About Checks and Balances

As the Wells Fargo scandal continues to unfold, it’s become clear that we need external checks and balances in place to hold publicly traded companies accountable. Internal controls can only...

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6 Ways to Foster Belonging in Your Organization

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, Pat Wadors, senior vice president of global talent organization at LinkedIn, shared the key element lacking from most diversity and inclusion initiatives: belonging. Despite increased...

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Managing Unconscious Bias: Videos Model New Strategies

An inclusive and diverse workforce not only produces better results, it allows for employee's strengths, talents and perspectives to be heard. Organizations encouraging a variety of opinions from employees working...

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