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Keep Your Employees Engaged With A Strong Culture

According to a recent HR Dive article, a manager that allows employees to control their work tends to see better results than a manager that feels the need to micromanage all aspects of a worker’s job.

It is no surprise that a pleasant and collaborative company culture keeps employees engaged -  but that is not always an easy thing to do. The key to successful employee engagement is having the time and resources to communicate effectively and efficiently to your team.

For example, Emtrain works hard to create a company culture where communication is supported by managers and ideas are shared fluidly to encourage employees to work to their highest potential and engage in workday activities with good energy.  

As a manager - your role is to be the employee’s touchpoint to company leadership, allowing the funnel of communication to be current and accurate. Good managers acknowledge employee efforts and touch base with their team to recognize when things are working and when they are not.

Every employee wants to be apart of a strong company culture - but there is often times no real recipe to what an engaged workforce should look like.

Like a good chef, you might have to do a bit of trial and error before you find the right recipe that will make your employee experience great. When you feel like you may be struggling to keep your employees engaged, make efforts to analyze the problem before coming up with a new recipe and - try again!

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