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Making Sense of the #MeToo Movement

Think about this. A company that promises a “harassment-free workplace" is like a restaurant that promises you won't get food poisoning. Promising a harassment-free workplace essentially says, “we promise we won’t break the law, but we guarantee nothing else.”Corporations have to do better. The #MeToo movement demands that companies do more than just not violate the law and dodge litigation. But if it's not compliance, what should companies focus on to really make a difference?

How to navigate the #MeToo movement

Please watch my new 2 1/2-minute video #MeToo At Work and find out how the #MeToo movement has changed the narrative while reminding us to focus on what really matters if we're going to drive meaningful changes in the workplace.

This is the first in a series of videos and resources to help HR, in-house counsel, executives and employees navigate their way through the changing workplace.

If you'd like to discuss ways in which your company can navigate the impact of the #MeToo movement, email us info@emtrain.com or call us at1.800.242.6099. We also offer a free, no obligation trial of our sexual harassment prevention training course.

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