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NEW Code of Conduct Course Update

Code of Conduct is more than just a set of rules - it’s a statement and a concrete commitment to a set of business conduct standards that supports your mission, values, and culture.

Emtrain is eager to share with you our new Code of Conduct course! This new course will help you weave your values into the framework of your culture and allow for your employees to not only connect with your Code but understand the role it plays in their every day work life.

Here are just some of the updates we have made:

Demystify Your Code

Our Code of Conduct course was designed with legal and organizational experts to demystify your Code - transforming it from a set of aspirational statements into a field guide that learners can use to make good and ethical business decisions.

Enjoyable Content that Suits Your Needs

We use everyday language and storytelling in over 40 memorable scenarios to illustrate Code concepts that show how a person's actions and decisions can shape your culture.

Choose the 5-8 minute Info Blocks best suited to the needs of your organization. Info Blocks are concise, targeted guidance for learners and let you control course length.

Opportunity to Access Expert On Demand

We give learners direct access to subject matter experts, where they can anonymously ask questions and view answers all while taking the course.

Resources to Support Ethical Decision Making

Each information block contains a downloadable Practice Pointer for ongoing learning and interactive polling quizzes are also illustrated to reinforce messages and support learning.

Customize the Look & Feel of Your Message

With a variety of customization options available, this course is tailored for your organization and your learners. There is an ability to add a welcome video, introduce your mission and values, brand your course interface and even add your logo!

Brand Your Course

Our new course features allow you to add your own video introduction from your organizational leader and brand your colors (including logos and printable versions of your Code).

After taking, learners can register for a certification of completion.

Check out our NEW Code of Conduct Course today!

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