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Patti Perez Helps Create New DFEH Workplace Harassment Guide

Some exciting news for Emtrain’s Workplace Harassment Expert and Ogletree Deakins shareholder, Patti Perez. 

Patti has recently been working meticulously with the California Task Force to create an updated version of the DFEH Workplace Harassment Guide for the Department of Fair Employment and Housing. This is an information sheet that is most often searched and distributed to employees to fulfill the need for all relevant forms of workplace harassment.

The updated guide includes varying ways on how to prevent harassment, report harassment and at what point disciplinary measures might need to be pursued. Also mentioned are helpful tips on what to include in your harassment training programs and additional steps to make effective training at the top of your list as an employer.

Along with common questions and concerns about workplace harassment cases are proceeding steps for effective remedial situations. It is critical to the health and well-being of your organization to communicate workplace harassment issues and implement a training program that is trusted and compliant.

We continue to work closely with Patti, as an Emtrain Workplace Harassment Expert, to make our harassment training not only compliant but engaging as well. Request a free trial of our Preventing Workplace Harassment course today!

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