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Recode Decode: A Discussion About Culture and Management

Emtrain's CEO and Founder, Janine Yancey, had the opportunity to attend the Recode Decode event in Santa Clara, California where she listened in as Kara Swisher, Recode Executive Editor and Frances Frei, Senior VP of Leadership and Strategy at Uber, talked about the future of tech and how to manage your team through leadership. 

Swisher posed questions to Frei on management, culture and the future of Uber post recent sexual harassment scandals. 

As a new member of the leadership team, Frei explained her focus at Uber to be one of building world-class leadership, fostering great leadership at all levels of the organization and guiding clear articulation of strategy and the planning process to all employees. 

The discussion emphasized importance in having effective communication and paying attention to workplace problems as they arise - if you want to hold your team to a higher standard then it is pertinent to hold all employees accountable to their actions. 

"Silos create problems. You need light and attention on problems to trigger accountability and cause change" said Frei. 

Some additional takeaways include: 

  • the importance of leadership in an organization’s culture, 
  • why leadership is about making others better, 
  • and the idea of cohesion as a team to support your values. 

Emtrain develops solutions to help your organization create a healthy culture so you can build an environment where everyone feels safe and heard. 

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