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Halloween is Behind Us, but Cyber Creeps and Digital Nightmares are Year Round!

Bad-actors, hackers, cyber-criminals, and other kinds of cyber creeps are out and about, and yes, they want company and personal data (information).  Their motives and desired objectives and methods differ (and that’s a matter for discussion at another time), but the threat is always present.  

People like me (who work every day in the cyber-security world to protect our critical information systems, corporate and employee data) like to say that it’s not a matter of if, but when.  Breaches happen!  Heard of the recently disclosed Equifax or Deloitte breaches Equifax stores and manages our highly sensitive credit and financial histories (all of which is Personally Identifiable Information).  Deloitte is a major accounting firm, that also just so happen to specialize in cybersecurity consulting and auditing services (ouch!!).

No scare tactics here, but the point is no government, company, employee or citizen is immune to cyber based attacks.  The Internet has ushered in an era of spectacular technological growth and enablement.  Things that 10 years ago didn’t exist are now part of our societal fabric (think Twitter).  

And history shows that everything mankind has engineered or invented for positive purposes can be inversely targeted for exploitation, fraud, or other trickery—and used by people or groups with bad-intentions.  Think Amazon pursuing the potential for rapid delivery of products using drones—and terror groups now using drones on the battlefield.  I digress…

While there are a lot of things we don’t have direct control over (the internet, bad people, our personal data being stored and transacted in various public and private information systems), there are a lot of things that we as individuals (whether an employee, individual citizen or member of a family or community) CAN and SHOULD do to reduce the likelihood that we’ll become the vector or target of exploitation (that in turn can lead to a broader breach). Vigilance is key!  Paying attention to our “cyber surroundings” and thinking before we click a link in an email or open a file someone sent us are a good start.

Don’t let the Cyber creeps get you down!  A little vigilance, awareness, and cyber-hygiene can go a long way in keeping those Cyber ghouls at bay!  Emtrain has excellent cyber-security training resources and content and in celebration of Cyber Security Awareness Month, see https://www.stopthinkconnect.org/ for helpful tips and advice!

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Social Media Has Changed Enterprise Risk

“Social media has had a profound impact on enterprise risk.” says Janine Yancey, CEO and Founder of Emtrain.

Social media can bring attention and public opinion into your organization. In this short video Janine talks about how social media has changed enterprise risk and gives a quick example of how it may impact the overall culture of your organization.

Janine and our Emtrain Team will be at SCCE in Las Vegas this week (October 15-18)!

If you plan on attending SCCE this year, join Janine's session this Monday to learn more about how to reduce enterprise risk and strive for a culture your organization will be proud of.

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NEW Conflicts of Interest Training Course

Every day we make countless decisions just doing our work. Some decisions are routine and some turn out to be pretty important. But one thing is for certain that our employers and coworkers trust that we are making decisions in our organizations best interest. Conflicts of interest can affect how you make decisions, how others view those decisions, and your values as an organization.

Emtrain is thrilled to announce our new Conflicts of Interest training course which introduces learners how to successfully identify these types of situations and how their decision-making can influence your organization's reputation.

Our Conflicts of Interest course was designed in conjunction with course experts, Sally March - an ethics and compliance expert and regular columnist for the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. As well as, Chris MacDonald - President of the non-profit Journal Review Foundation.

This new course focuses on giving learners practical guidance - particularly to those who may assume that a conflict of interest automatically means they have done something wrong. It teaches what conflicts of interest are, the problems created by conflicts of interest, and the best way to anticipate and avoid conflicts of interest - or the appearance of them. We use live action video workplace scenes to illustrate how these issues can be raised and often easily resolved.

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Talent Retention and Company Culture: A Lesson from the Best

In today’s fast paced job market, retaining talented and qualified employees can be one of the most difficult tasks for both start-ups and established companies.

The new norm is for a new hire to come into a position with the intention of putting one or two years under their belt, then moving on to the next, higher paying job. This means good things for circulation of talent overall, but presents high costs for the employer, who must undergo the expensive scouting, interviewing and onboarding processes.

The most important factors in retaining talented employees and avoiding the cost of onboarding is creating a desirable company culture that encourages loyalty, productivity and professional growth.

Recently, Entrepreneur magazine released a list titled ‘The 153 Best Company Cultures in America.’  They partnered with CultureIQ, a workplace culture software company, to rank and evaluate companies based on characteristics such as: innovation, agility and communication. This list presents very useful information on how to imitate these companies with high retention rates and also points to a somewhat obvious answer to the question: How do you create a great culture?

The answer: Actively prioritize and nourish your company’s culture in all areas of your business.

Testimonials from companies that are at the top of entrepreneurs list, like: Belay, Penny Hoarder and Procore Technologies - all verify that a healthy culture does not come from gimmicky incentives like sales boards and office parties. These organizations practice building employees up and circulating those values which the company's leaders deem essential to the organization’s mission.

A strong company culture combined with business practices that provide measurable individual success and organizational growth are the key to employee retention and positive morale.

Preventing HIPAA Violations at Work

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a term that is on the mind of virtually every organization who has access to an employee's’ personal health information. Handling individual health records with care requires a strong moral compass and a firm idea of what type of conduct violates HIPAA and puts your organization at risk.

With the launch of our new HIPAA training course we have created a HIPAA Risk Checklist for your organization to inform employees on common violations like, discussing patient information in a public place and common sense precautions; such as, locking your computer screen when you leave your desk.

It is important that every employee is aware of the consequences of violating HIPAA Privacy Laws and knows the steps to take if a violation has occurred. This checklist will help your employees become more alert to situations that may not seem harmful to your organization but can cause much damage if infringed upon.

Check out our HIPAA Risk Checklist today and give your employees the awareness they need to make smart and lawful decisions.