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Emtrain CEO to Speak at Techstars FounderCon: How to Cultivate an Employee-Focused Culture that Wins

This week, Techstars will be hosting its 7th annual FounderCon, an event in which hundreds of Techstars Founders come together to collaborate and share their expertise on start-up culture. From Tuesday October 24th, through Thursday the 26th, Techstars will host this conference in Oakland, CA. 

As a crucial voice on workplace culture, Emtrain Founder and CEO Janine Yancey will be presenting 'How to Cultivate an Employee-Focused Culture that Wins' on Wednesday the 25th. 

She will address the role social media is having on changing  enterprise compliance risk and the need for technology to manage that risk. In addition, she will cover the ever increasing importance of culture, what it means and how cultivating a winning culture leads to increased enterprise value. 

Janine is at the forefront of thought leadership on sexual harassment, unconscious bias, discrimination and ethics issues in Silicon Valley and beyond. 

Emtrain is passionate about helping companies create a healthy workplace and we believe the best way to do this is to help companies create and foster a great culture. We do this by developing content, powered by technology, to help build a healthy culture from start to finish. 

Hackers Pose Cybersecurity Threats to Sacramento Transit System

Just last week, Emtrain’s Cybersecurity expert David Brezinski published a blog post about the dangers of cyber-criminals and data breaches. Calling on his extensive experience in information security, David goes so far as to warn us “that it’s not a matter of if, but when,” in regards to harmful cybersecurity breaches.

Well, not a full week after the post went live, a large agency in Emtrain’s home town of Sacramento, CA fell victim to a high-level cyber attack. Reportedly, hackers attacked the Sacramento Regional Transit system computers this past weekend, erasing data and operational information en masse. The Sacramento Bee has the full story here, ‘Hackers attack Sacramento transit system and demand $8,000 ransom.’

While the SacRT is scrambling to get their systems back online and recover any lost data, it has not yet been made clear whether or not they will be submitting to the demands of $8,000 in bitcoin currency. In what appears to be some high level hacking, the attacker left notes for the transit office, claiming to have found loopholes in their system and even mocking SacRT to improve security. And improve they will, if they want to avoid another scare like this.

Though this incident hits close to home for us here at Emtrain, the fact of the matter is: it’s not isolated. Cyber attacks like this happen all over the world every single day. Whether it be through the work of a skilled hacker finding a hole in your firewall, or a stolen laptop containing company passwords and account numbers, everyone is at risk of information breaches. It is crucial that your entire team be on board when it comes to information and technology security, not just your IT department. Securing personal computing devices is a huge part of a comprehensive cybersecurity program, as they account for nearly 30 percent of all harmful data breaches.

Familiarize yourself with this helpful guide to personal device security, then request a free trial of Emtrain’s updated Cybersecurity Online Training Course.

Recode Decode: A Discussion About Culture and Management

Emtrain's CEO and Founder, Janine Yancey, had the opportunity to attend the Recode Decode event in Santa Clara, California where she listened in as Kara Swisher, Recode Executive Editor and Frances Frei, Senior VP of Leadership and Strategy at Uber, talked about the future of tech and how to manage your team through leadership. 

Swisher posed questions to Frei on management, culture and the future of Uber post recent sexual harassment scandals. 

As a new member of the leadership team, Frei explained her focus at Uber to be one of building world-class leadership, fostering great leadership at all levels of the organization and guiding clear articulation of strategy and the planning process to all employees. 

The discussion emphasized importance in having effective communication and paying attention to workplace problems as they arise - if you want to hold your team to a higher standard then it is pertinent to hold all employees accountable to their actions. 

"Silos create problems. You need light and attention on problems to trigger accountability and cause change" said Frei. 

Some additional takeaways include: 

  • the importance of leadership in an organization’s culture, 
  • why leadership is about making others better, 
  • and the idea of cohesion as a team to support your values. 

Emtrain develops solutions to help your organization create a healthy culture so you can build an environment where everyone feels safe and heard. 

Check out some of our courses   - preventing workplace harassment, managing unconscious bias and code of conduct to give guidance to your workforce.

NEW Code of Conduct Course Update

Code of Conduct is more than just a set of rules - it’s a statement and a concrete commitment to a set of business conduct standards that supports your mission, values, and culture.

Emtrain is eager to share with you our new Code of Conduct course! This new course will help you weave your values into the framework of your culture and allow for your employees to not only connect with your Code but understand the role it plays in their every day work life.

Here are just some of the updates we have made:

Demystify Your Code

Our Code of Conduct course was designed with legal and organizational experts to demystify your Code - transforming it from a set of aspirational statements into a field guide that learners can use to make good and ethical business decisions.

Enjoyable Content that Suits Your Needs

We use everyday language and storytelling in over 40 memorable scenarios to illustrate Code concepts that show how a person's actions and decisions can shape your culture.

Choose the 5-8 minute Info Blocks best suited to the needs of your organization. Info Blocks are concise, targeted guidance for learners and let you control course length.

Opportunity to Access Expert On Demand

We give learners direct access to subject matter experts, where they can anonymously ask questions and view answers all while taking the course.

Resources to Support Ethical Decision Making

Each information block contains a downloadable Practice Pointer for ongoing learning and interactive polling quizzes are also illustrated to reinforce messages and support learning.

Customize the Look & Feel of Your Message

With a variety of customization options available, this course is tailored for your organization and your learners. There is an ability to add a welcome video, introduce your mission and values, brand your course interface and even add your logo!

Brand Your Course

Our new course features allow you to add your own video introduction from your organizational leader and brand your colors (including logos and printable versions of your Code).

After taking, learners can register for a certification of completion.

Check out our NEW Code of Conduct Course today!

Welcome Home SHRM17 Attendees

As SHRM17 has come and gone, we want to make sure to thank everyone that stopped by our booth to say Hello! We hope you enjoyed the chocolate bar in between sessions or are squeezing the stress ball we handed out during those days you need it most.

Among the many sessions at SHRM17, we were able to attend Patti Perez’s, Emtrain Harassment Expert, session on ‘California’s New Regulations on Transgender Workers and Background Checks’. Patti addressed the latest changes in California law, speaking on gender identity, employee rights and the nuance of discrimination in criminal background checks.

The astounding number of attendees led for an array of different conversations, and we were excited to share experiences and hear from people all across the world. We listened as attendees discussed how they administer (or don’t) organizational training and the struggles of keeping employees engaged on different training topics.

Our team enjoyed the chance to get to meet you all, and we hope to hear from you soon. SHRM17 gave us a chance to catch up on the latest HR trends; so as always, you can expect the most up to date, relevant material from our wide variety of courses.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about some of our popular training courses and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Stop by our website and check out some of our free resources, or get a free trial of our training.