Conflicts of Interest Training

Conflicts of Interest Online Training Course

Course Overview

Conflicts of interest have become a fact of life as work and personal lives become more intertwined. In this digital age, conflicts of interest have become much more visible - impacting your workplace culture, reputation and brand. That makes it more important than ever for learners to understand and address real and potential conflicts of interest


Course Snapshot

Course length: 25 minutes

Audience: Managers and Employees

Format: Video, animation and audio narration

Conflicts of Interest introduces learners to what conflicts of interest are and how they can influence decision-making and reputation. It also shows learners how even the perception of a conflict of interest can hurt the trust and reputation of the people involved.

This course also focuses on giving learners practical guidance - particularly to those who may assume that a conflict of interest automatically means they have done something wrong. Live action video workplace scenes show learners how these issue can be raised and often easily resolved.

We also give learners direct access to experts - yours or ours - and the ability to anonymously ask questions as they are taking the course and questions are fresh in their minds.

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Meet Sally & Chris

Code of Conduct Experts

Sally March is an ethics and compliance expert and regular columnist for the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. As the former Global Compliance Director for Nortel Networks, the Head of Risk Advisory for BBC Worldwide and Board Member for the Association of Corporate Counsel Europe, Sally has navigated a broad spectrum of situations, which has fueled her thought-leadership on business ethics. In 2013, Sally received an award from the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics based on her contributions to the ethics profession.

Chris MacDonald is President of the non-profit Journal Review Foundation. Ethics Professor Chris MacDonald is author of the popular Business Ethics Blog — a blog he created in 2005 and which is now featured on the Canadian Business Magazine website. Chris has been named as one of the “Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior” three times and has been labeled as one of the “100 Most Influential People in Business Ethics.” He is co-author of a popular business ethics textbook, a best-selling textbook on critical thinking, and founder and co-editor of the Business Ethics Journal Review.

Key Course Concepts

  • What are conflicts of interest?
  • The appearance of conflicts of interest.
  • The problem with conflicts of interest.
  • How to handle conflicts of interest.

Key Course Features

  • Course experts Sally March (former Head of Risk Advisory for the BBC and regular columnist for the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics) and Chris MacDonald (Ethics Business Professor).
  • Live action video workplace scenes, animations and audio narration illustrate key lessons and takeaways.
  • Interactive exercises ask learners to apply learning and underscore key learning points.
  • Available in English.
  • Includes Emtrain’s robust Learning Platform (LMS).
  • Available in SCORM 1.2, 2004 3rd edition, and 2004 4th edition.

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