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Preventing Workplace Harassment Online Training Course

Course Overview

Workplace harassment is not just a legal issue - it's a workplace issue that can dramatically impact culture, hiring, retention and financial performance.

While training learners on the legal concepts related to harassment based on gender and other protected categories, this course goes on to give learners practical tools they can apply in today’s workplace to spot and address conflict before serious problems develop.

This course meets all training requirements related to harassment, including California’s AB 1825, AB 2053, SB 396 and laws in Connecticut, New Jersey and Maine.

It was created in partnership with preeminent subject matter experts Patti Perez and Phyllis Cheng. Ms. Perez is the primary author of the 2016 regulations relating to AB 1825 and training requirements in California. Ms. Cheng was the Director of California’s DFEH, the largest state civil rights enforcement agency in the United States.


Course Snapshot

Course length: Available in 120 minute (Manager), 60 minute (Manager) and 35 minute (Employee) course versions. Canadian and International courses also available.

Audience: Managers and employees

Format: Video, animation and audio narration

This course combines two different and complementary learning experiences with innovative course design.

In the first part of this course, learners are introduced to harassment concepts and receive practical coaching on how to spot and address the kinds of workplace conflict that give rise to harassment claims and hurt team performance.

In the second part of this course, learners are taught how to apply these lessons to video scenarios drawn from the headlines and actual cases. In an innovative first, learners also see how other learners assessed the scenarios - creating the sense of a true learner community.

Recommended course versions include video scenarios curated by our experts. Employers can also customize the course by choosing other video scenarios from our growing library addressing other issues and work settings.

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Meet Patti & Phyllis

Employment Law Experts

Patti Perez: Ms. Perez practices in the areas of employment law and human resource management. A graduate of the UCLA School of Law and a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources, Ms. Perez has practiced employment law since 1992. In addition, Ms. Perez currently serves as a member of the Fair Employment and Housing Council and was a principal author of the updated AB 1825 regulations.

Phyllis Cheng: Originally appointed to head the DFEH by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, then retained by Governor Jerry Brown, Phyllis is well respected by both sides of the political aisle and enjoyed a reputation as a hard-working public official who improved the DFEH during a budget crisis by implementing innovative business concepts. Currently, Phyllis provides private mediation, investigation and expert witness services in Los Angeles. She is on the mediation panels of the U.S. District Court, Central District of California, and California Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District.

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