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2024 Workplace Culture Outlook

This year, People Leaders can expect to see a workforce with less trust in leadership, increased social polarization and lower levels of allyship, while the advance of AI changes the nature of the labor function.

What's in the report?
2024 Workplace Culture Outlook
We saw a 20% decrease in the number of employees who agree with the statement
“People in my organization act as allies when the situation calls for it.”
Based on over 23,000 employee sentiment responses collected between June 2021 and June 2023
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Decoding the Decline in Inclusion & Belonging

We’ve identified 16 workplace social indicators which represent a social dynamic that contributes to the employee experience and the overall workplace culture.

The most significant decline was found in 4 skills that support the Inclusion, Belonging and Ethics competencies…


Cultivating Authenticity


Advancing Allyship


Demonstrating Integrity


Nurturing Trust

Supporting Evidence

Emtrain embeds employee sentiment questionnaires into all of our culture and compliance training courses.
Each question maps to a workplace social indicator.

Here are two (of many) employee sentiment questions that informed the 2023 Workplace Culture Report:

“I think my colleagues are being authentic when they talk about making people feel like they are part of the team.”
There was a 5% decrease in employees who agree or strongly agree.
“The people I work with see the value of creating respectful work relationships.”
There was a 12% decrease in employees who agree or strongly agree.

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