Ethnicity and Stereotypes

Addressing and standing up against stereotypes

A stereotype is an overgeneralized, fixated, and unfair belief about a specific group of people or things based on a particular characteristic or expectation. While it may be common knowledge not to poke fun and make stereotypes at other ethnic groups, the same applies to your ethnicity. After all, ethnicity is a legally protected characteristic.

Microlesson Description

In this microlesson, we show how one by-standing co-worker is offended after his colleague is making fun of their shared culture and his own family. While it may seem like a joke to one person can be offensive to others, even the most well-intentioned people have blind spots and are not aware of their actions. In the video scene, employees and managers will see how one colleague “typecasts” another employee based on their background, creating an uncomfortable and awkward interaction. This microlesson is also included in the Preventing Workplace Harassment Training course.

Key Concepts

  • Making stereotypes about one’s own ethnic background creates a disrespectful workplace.
  • How to be more aware of your actions and words.
  • How actions and “light-hearted” jokes can impact others.
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