Return to Work Policy and Procedures

A Safe Return and Within COVID Guidelines

Updated in 2022!

With new COVID variants, vaccine mandates, and more, there’s no way of knowing if things will go back to normal (pre-covid era). But one thing’s for sure, these changes have expanded the role of the HR leader to focus more on establishing safety measures and procedures and addressing public health concerns. Returning to the office in the middle of a pandemic is less than ideal for some. But when the day comes to transition back into the workplace, it's important that both managers and employees are prepared and keep everyone safe.

Microlesson Description

As employers begin to reopen their offices and facilities, they need to build confidence and a safe office environment by ensuring that everyone understands new COVID-19 safety protocols. This lesson gives learners information about your new protocols, includes safety policies acknowledgment, and covers OSHA standards.

Key Concepts

  • Easily share your company’s policies and procedures for preventing the spread of COVID-19 at work.
  • Communicated the changes that the office will undergo upon the return to work.
  • Covers state-specific requirements for returning to the office based on OSHA standards.

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