COVID-19 and Returning to Work

Coming Together

As organizations reopen facilities and bring co-workers back together, empathy, candor and respect are more important than ever. That's because we all come back together with different experiences, concerns and goals. As a community of colleagues we need to work to prevent the spread of COVID at work while also being sensitive to coworkers needs.

Microlesson Description

Being candid and having empathy is the best way to come together and move forward. This microlesson is a reminder that people's qualms about returning to the office may be related to their personal life or their own level of risk. It is equipped with employee sentiment questions intended to gauge learners feelings about working

Key Concepts

  • Great teams navigate work challenges with empathy, self-awareness, and communication skills.
  • Don’t assume bad intentions if someone reacts differently than you to the health crisis or our new safety measures
  • Remember to ask yourself if the health crisis might be impacting your actions or emotions
  • As a work community, we have to take measured actions and, sometime make sacrifices, for our colleagues 
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