Can Data Analytics Be More Effective?
Built In highlights Emtrain's workplace culture data and in-house video production
Connecting Employees With Your Company Values
HRCI points to Emtrain's data about well-understood norms of employee behavior.
4 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Remote Working And How To Correct Them
Forbes points to Emtrain's new data about post-pandemic workplace culture.
Workplace culture eroding amid pandemic, report says
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic workplace culture factors such as understood norms of behavior are being impacte.
Interviewing Janine Yancey; CEO + Founder of Emtrain
Janine Yancey doesn't exactly fit the mold of Silicon Valley’s “boys club.” Check out this exclusive interview.
Report finds workplace harassment, exclusion have worsened
Silicon Valley Business Journal Reports on the post-pandemic findings in Emtrain's Workplace Culture Report.
Pandemic and BLM Protests Negatively Impacting Corporate Workplace Culture Health, According to Report
InBusiness reports on the significant workplace culture shifts uncovered by the Workplace Culture Diagnostic.
Pandemic Changes Hit Workplace Culture
In a recent interview with Security Management Magazine, Janine Yancey touches on the culture shift and its effect on workplace safety.
What the workplace needs now
A Professor of Management at Middle Tennessee State University points to the Emtrain Workplace Culture Report 2020 in a piece about how companies can respond to COVID-19.
Authenticity, self assessments can help address workplace bias, experts say
Janine Yancey weighs in on steps businesses can take to advance equity and inclusion goals in this piece from HR Dive.
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