Emtrain CEO Janine Yancey named a 2019 Trailblazer
Emtrain CEO Janine Yancey was named a 2019 Trailblazer by The Recorder, one of the oldest legal newspapers in the United States, for her work to transform workplace culture through interactive content...
3 Keys to Building an Ethical Culture
Our own Patti Perez shares her perspective on the tactics HR can employ to build trust — not just with the public, but within the company culture.
4 hiring practices that create workplace drama
In this excerpt from The Drama-Free Workplace, Emtrain's VP of Workplace Strategy Patti Perez shares how focusing on the right things during hiring can avoid headaches down the line.
The #1 culture problem in organizations: A lack of authenticity
In this excerpt from The Drama-Free Workplace, Emtrain's Patti Perez shares a three-step process to create and maintain a culture that says what it means and means what it says.
The professional woman’s guide to a drama-free workplace
In this excerpt from The Drama-Free Workplace, Emtrain's Patti Perez discusses two of the most common root causes of workplace drama—that also disproportionately affect professional women—sexual harassment and bias.
These are the most common roots of workplace drama
In this excerpt from The Drama-Free Workplace, Emtrain's Patti Perez shares eight all-too-common workplace drama starters.
Google flap: How to have an opinion and still keep your job
In the wake of Google's high profile termination, USA Today raises the question: how does one know what is suitable to say at work? Emtrain's CEO Janine Yancey weighs in.
From #MeToo to Now What? 7 Actions That Could Actually Help Stop Sexual Harassment
Fortune identifies some action items that the #MeToo movement inspired. Janine Yancey joins the conversation with some insights from Emtrain.
The sexual-harassment epidemic has been diagnosed. What’s the cure?
The Washington Post explores the current harassment epidemic; Emtrain's founder and CEO Janine Yancey provides insight.
When anti-harassment policy isn’t enough, fix corporate culture
Emtrain Founder and CEO Janine Yancey touches on the importance of authenticity in Bloomberg's piece on corporate culture and harassment training.
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Emtrain Announces Collaboration with Workplace Equity Pioneer Joan C. Williams and the Center for Worklife Law to Launch Series of Online Lessons to Help Eliminate Bias
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Emtrain and Cisco Partner to Build Conscious Culture Throughout Entire Cisco Ecosystem
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Emtrain Announces New Pro-Social Work Skills Framework to Create Respect, Inclusion, Belonging, and Ethics in the Workplace
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Cisco and Emtrain Announce Partnership to Build a Conscious Workplace Culture for Hybrid Work
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Emtrain Adds Human Resources Leader Tracy Coté to Board of Directors
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Research from Emtrain and Center for WorkLife Law Finds Links Between Bias, Respect, and Harassment in the Workplace
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Workplace Culture and Compliance Platform Emtrain Hires Jennifer Thresher as the Company’s Chief Financial Officer
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Emtrain Adds Former Symantec EVP & General Counsel Scott C. Taylor to Board of Directors
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Emtrain Unveils New Management Theory Aimed at Helping Companies Measure and Improve Organizational Health
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Emtrain Workplace Culture Report Reveals Key Causes of Diversity and Inclusion Failures in Companies
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Emtrain Hires Software Leader and Inclusion Activist Odessa Jenkins as the Company’s First President
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New Emtrain Workplace Culture Report Reveals Impact of Pandemic, Social Justice Movement on Employee Attitudes
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Emtrain Releases New Workplace Harassment Training Series for Employers
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Emtrain Partners with Tech Funding Equity Project
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