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How to Conduct Job Interviews Online Training

Hiring great people and building great teams are essential skills for every manager. That makes it critically important for managers to understand how to conduct an effective interview.Managers want to make good hiring decisions—but rarely receive training on how to effectively interview candidates. This course is designed to give employees involved in hiring the skills and strategies they need to make the most informed hiring decision.  

Course Description
This course introduces learners to proper interview tactics, providing practical tips and questions to avoid during the interview process. Learners will understand strategies for conducting behavioral interviews and receive a comprehensive walkthrough of the hiring process.This course features engaging workplace video scenarios, practical tips, and engaging voiceover narration. Learners will also have direct access to Emtrain’s course experts. This allows them to anonymously ask questions via our innovative Expert Q&A feature.

Course Snapshot

Course length: 15 minutes

Audience: Managers and employees

Key Concepts

  • Traditional interviewing missteps
  • What is behavioral interviewing, and how is it applied?
  • A systematic approach to the interviewing process

Course Features

  • Gives learners access to Emtrain experts for best practices on this topic
  • Downloadable resources with helpful tips
  • Tailored to include your branding and policy

Program Experts

Steve Cadigan is a highly sought-after talent advisor to leaders and organizations across the globe.  As Founder of his own Silicon Valley-based firm, Cadigan Talent Ventures, Steve advises a wide range of domestic and international companies that include Twitter, Google, GoPro, The Royal Bank of Scotland, and the BBC. He is also regularly retained by some of Silicon Valley’s leading VC firms such as Andreessen Horowitz, Index Ventures, Sequoia, and Greylock Partners for his counsel on a wide range of talent topics.

Steve speaks regularly to conferences and major Universities around the world and his amazing work in helping shape the unique culture at LinkedIn led Stanford University to build a graduate- level class around this ground-breaking work.   Steve is frequently asked to appear on global TV and is a regular guest on Bloomberg West and CNBC, and he is also a regular contributor to Forbes.

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