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I have a Producer/Sales Leader who has a support person as his direct report. This support person manages his book of business. She is essentially the only person on his team. Recently, I have found out they are romantically involved. What are my options? The leader of the office has agreed to do her performance review and weigh in on salary increases and bonuses but ultimately the Producing Team Leader would initiate those things based on his revenue. Should we draft up a contract for both the support person and the producing team lead to sign?


Thanks for your question and that's certainly a tricky situation.

While we cannot give specific workplace advice, we can provide best practices and in a situation such as the one you describe, a best practice would be to make their working and romantic relationships completely transparent (and documented) with a written summary indicating how any of the parties (producer, direct report or employer) will modify the situation if/when any of the parties no longer feels comfortable in that situation. In other words, outline (in advance) how you will unravel the situation when it turns problematic and put that outline in writing and agreed to by all parties.

Hope that helps.

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Answered by
Patti Perez
Workplace & Harassment Expert
March 6 2018
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