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How do I go about telling someone about a mean managers comments and not lose my job? A lot of my coworkers know what’s going on and they don’t think it right. The last person left because of how she treated them. This person has worked for the company 16 years and they blamed the other girl that ended up quitting for not being able to get along. They know that this manager is not nice but they do nothing about it.


Sorry to hear about that difficult situation! In situations where you believe that senior leadership knows about the problem and refuses to address it, you have three (3) options:

1. You can outline the problem and the consequences of that problem on the team/productivity in writing and send to 2-3 senior leaders. The documented and visible reporting of the problem would typically protect the reporter/complainant unless there's a lack of accountability.

2. You can find another job and workplace that is more supportive.

3. You can try to ignore the problematic management actions.

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Answered by
Patti Perez
Workplace & Harassment Expert
April 5 2018
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