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How do you know when someone is doing more than venting and should be reported?


You ask a very good question. Unfortunately, there is no single answer that can cover every situation. Experts frequently identify the following as red flags that indicate danger: threats of any kind, aggressive or bullying behavior, conflicts with others, mood swings, stressors like financial or personal problems, romantic obsessions that are ignored or rejected, a belief that others are against them and/or social isolation or low esteem.

What’s the best advice? Follow your gut. If you or others feel threatened or are uneasy, talk to someone in management or HR. Doing that won’t necessarily get someone fired or in trouble - but it will let management know that they need to check in to make sure things are ok - or take action if they are not.

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Answered by
Janine Yancey
Workplace Harassment Expert
July 26 2018
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