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When the manager verbally abuses or colleague passes a comment on dressing style of the other colleague both are not recorded. How do we take action when we do not have substantial evidence? How do we emphasize that evidence is critical as such behaviors get away without action in absence of evidence and affect the related parties - retaliation?


Thanks for your question. In these one-on-one situations, the most likely evidence of bad conduct is to see if the person has exhibited those actions towards others.

If there's 1 or more people indicating they experienced similar conduct -- then that's evidence that can be considered when determining credibility and the claims.

Here's an investigation workbook you may find helpful: https://s3.amazonaws.com/website_production/comfy/cms/files/973/files/original/Harassment__Discrimination_Investigations_eBook.pdf

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Answered by
Ute Krudewagen
International Workplace Harassment Expert
December 4 2017
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