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If I am planning an event and it involves offering a day of activities where one of the activities is a spa treatment from the hotel we will be staying at. If I do a site tour and the hotel wants to offer me a free spa treatment so that I am able to experience it first hand and offer it to my attendees, would this be a bribe? I have already signed a contract with the hotel, and have not identified how many of my attendees would want a spa treatment.


Thanks for your question which is more an ethics question than a bribery question.

If you're booking business entertainment that includes spa treatments and the hotel offers a complimentary spa treatment -- it would be considered a reasonable business activity as you are evaluating the activity before purchasing.

It's no different than taking a sip of wine before purchasing a specific glass of wine --it's an evaluation.

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Answered by
Janine Yancey
Workplace Harassment Expert
December 4 2017
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