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I was on a call with my manager and my mentor discussing a work related deliverable. As my manager was screen-sharing, I noticed she and my mentor were discussing my performance in a negative way and using "headbanging" and "laughing" emoticons. When I brought it to my manager's attention, she closed the IM and said, "that's bad." I felt so bad I cried and could not work the rest of the day. She had been rude and mean to me in the past so I contacted her manager and HR.....again. Is this illegal?


So sorry to hear about your workplace situation!

Showing you their screen as they were talking about you through negative emoticons is not illegal or harassment.

However, it's certainly rude and demoralizing and what we'd consider "yellow" conduct on the Workplace Color Spectrum.

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Answered by
Patti Perez
Workplace & Harassment Expert
December 4 2017
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