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I have a scenario which happened at my work place - I want to know if it's a violation.

I work at a client location - We usually report to clients, but from our company's perspective, we do have a manager who appraises us and mentors us.

In one scenario, my colleagues manager's wife was hired by our company as a contractor. And she worked in the same team.

My colleague had differences with his manager's wife over commitment to work and he felt it also impacted his relationship with his manager.

He reported it to appropriate channel but he didn't get any response.

It went on for more than 6 months till the Manager's wife resigned.

Is this an issue? If yes can it still be reported though it happened in the past?


Thanks for your question and it sounds more like poor management than harassment or a legal issue.

Hiring any relative or spouse to a team immediately presents conflicts of interest.

Even though the wife resigned, it's not too late to report a concern of nepotism and the negative impact that stems from nepotism.

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Answered by
Sally March
Ethics and Compliance Expert
December 4 2017
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