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In the training - it was cited that decorating your office or "shared spaces" for Christmas with Christmas decorations or religious symbols is yellow or orange - can you please explain if this is because of "Shared Space" or if this is still Orange within one own cube? Since this is a harassment course a worker may feel harassed *by their company* by having decorations up one day, then being told by HR or a middle manager to take down decorations. This action would single them out for their religious beliefs and ethnic identification and act as slap in face much like the first video in this training by being "publicly humiliated".


Decorating your own personal space is fine. It's decorating shared spaces that becomes a more tricky issue as the decorations should ideally make everyone feel included rather than excluded due to religious differences.

Hope that helps clarify.

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Answered by
Patti Perez
Workplace & Harassment Expert
January 9 2018
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