How to Decode Workplace Culture

How to Decode Workplace Culture

Did you know that only 17% of employees will report sexual harassment if they see or experience it? Even in the healthiest companies, only 64% of the workforce feels comfortable speaking out about problems they see in the organization. The health of your workplace culture is more important than ever. 

It’s all in the data. Tricky people issues are inevitable in the workplace. New generations and diverse perspectives are emerging in the workforce. So, how can you measure and benchmark the respect, harassment, and bias within your workplace culture against the global average?  

We introduce a framework and diagnostic that people leaders can use as an early warning system to identify dynamics in the culture that if unaddressed, can flare up into PR and social media crises. This new framework helps HR and People leaders evaluate the respect, harassment, and bias at your workplace culture. This slide deck was presented at Inspire HR 2020 by Emtrain’s Chief Product Officer Robert Todd. It provides real insights and data points on these issues from over 7.5M employee sentiment responses, also illustrated in Emtrain’s Workplace Culture Report 2020

Watch Robert’s presentation on Emtrain’s YouTube channel.

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