Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Age of MeToo

Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Age of MeToo

A ground-breaking survey of what in-house counsel professionals report about the prevalence and prevention of workplace sexual harassment.

The massive cultural shift that’s happened as a result of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements has raised compelling questions about the role, the response, and the obligations of in-house counsel to workplace harassment claims. The enterprise risks associated with the exposure of NDAs, large settlements, media-driven brand damage, and the sometimes catastrophic diminishment of company value are real possibilities that often result in in-house counsel professionals becoming involved in harassment claims and their ultimate resolutions.

But what do in-house counsel professionals have to say about their role in managing and mitigating these risks? Emtrain and In The House have sponsored a ground-breaking survey of in-house counsel professionals, and asked them questions that discuss:

  • The overall health of their corporate culture
  • The effectiveness of their harassment prevention training programs
  • The comfort level of their employees when they need to report problems
  • The tools provided to help employees resolve harassment issues
  • The ability of their organizations to properly investigate claims
  • How different genders perceive the problem and prevalence of sexual harassment

This thought-provoking and timely survey reports on key findings and offers five critical recommendations that organizations must adopt to drive proactive and positive changes that increase workplace cultural health, and provide a framework for inclusive, respectful and productive environments.

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