Social Capital: A New Framework for People Analytics

Social Capital: A New Framework for People Analytics

Quantifying the health of people and culture is an aspiration for some companies, and an obsession for others. But people analytics mostly miss the forest for the trees – they focus on individual employee attributes and ignore the social dynamics that determine what it’s really like to work somewhere.

You can’t improve something that you can’t define and measure. So, how do you measure Inclusion? How do you measure Respect or Ethics? Social capital provides a simple yet powerful lens on the complex social dynamics that define the best and worst of workplace culture. We present a framework and methodology for measuring social capital, and discuss how companies are using them to make positive, lasting change.

Watch the recorded session now! Robert Todd, Chief Innovation Officer and Dr. Leann Pereira, Senior Director of Organizational Psychology, define what social capital and how it creates greater impact for your overall business and culture strategy, and ultimately, sustains a healthy, inclusive workplace.

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