Establish Strong Norms of Behavior in Your Workplace

Establish Strong Norms of Behavior in Your Workplace

The strongest predictor of a healthy culture is a high score in well-established norms of behavior. Organizations with well-established norms of behavior also score well in diversity and inclusion, respect, and ethical workplaces. How do we know this? Emtrain has over 20 million employee responses regarding the indicators of a healthy workplace culture, generated from Emtrain’s CultureTech platform. Founder and CEO of Emtrain Janine Yancey presented how to establish strong norms of behavior in your organization.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How HR and Culture Leaders can partner with their CEO to draft norms of behavior on every facet of the employee experience – from interviewing to team dynamics to resolving conflict to career advancement to transitioning out of business.
  • How to identify the managers who best support those norms and cultivate them into tomorrow’s leaders.
  • How to use Emtrain’s Workplace Social Indicators framework to build norms of behavior on the organizational level.

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