Three Factors Driving a New Employee Relations Focus in 2019

Society and our economy are rapidly changing, driven by three primary conditions. First, economic power is overly concentrated in a small group of people, similar to the socio-economic conditions during the Industrial Revolution, 100 years ago. Second, many employers have designed processes that take advantage of employment laws in ways that prioritize legal risk-management over creating an equitable, healthy workplace culture. And finally, millennials, who have greater workforce and employee expectations than prior generations, are the largest segment of the workforce, outnumbering the GenXers since 2016, and they are very comfortable speaking out publicly.

Join us for this free accredited webinar where we will discuss how the combination of these three factors will drive rapid change in employee relations in 2019, including:

    • Efforts to balance management power through unions or employee groups
    • Seeking employee representation or influence at the Board level
    • Increased employee demand for DIY tools to solve workplace conflicts
    • Democratized access to information about employee rights and responsibilities

The webinar is led by employee relations and workplace experts Janine Yancey, Founder/CEO, Emtrain, and Patti Perez, VP of Workplace Strategy, Emtrain.

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