Why Smart People Make Dumb Decisions

We all like to think we’ll do the right thing when the time comes. But if we’re all such good, ethical people, then why do we keep reading about companies in the headlines for all the wrong reasons?

In the heat of the moment when we’re facing deadlines and revenue targets, it’s human to rationalize that the ends justify the means. The key is to be aware that we do this and to slow down and realize the ethical dimensions to our decision making. When we operate on autopilot and get it wrong ethically, our brains will rationalize what we have done. A reputation is a precious thing to lose. It would be a shame to risk it just because we don’t stop to think.

In this video, Sally March, an Emtrain Expert on Ethics and Compliance, explains the behavioral psychology for good people making dumb decisions in business and how to slow down and realize the ethical dimensions to our decisions. This is a perfect video message to share with leaders and managers in business as a reminder to slow down their decision making and not react in the moment.

About Sally

Sally March is an ethics and compliance expert and regular columnist for the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. As the former Global Compliance Director for Nortel Networks, the Head of Risk Advisory for BBC Worldwide, and Board Member for the Association of Corporate Counsel Europe, Sally has navigated a broad spectrum of situations, which has fueled her thought-leadership on business ethics. In 2013, Sally received an award from the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics based on her contributions to the ethics profession.

Currently, Sally is a partner in Drummond March, Ltd and provides ethics guidance and advises companies on the implementation and enhancement of Ethics and Compliance programs.

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