Recent Changes in Employee Sentiment Data

Recent Changes in Employee Sentiment Data

2020 was a tumultuous year at best. Between the COVID pandemic, Black Lives Matter, and a wildly contentious election season, workplaces across the country were forced to undergo several challenging changes. HR leaders faced new organizational challenges, DEI professionals responded to louder calls for racial justice, and compliance officers are currently preparing for whatever changes the new administration may bring.

    • More employees agree that their workplace culture is respectful
    • More employees are seeing healthier norms of behavior
    • Data shows that companies have healthier power dynamics

Emtrain’s workplace culture platform is powerful. Our customers don’t just use the platform to measure employee sentiment once, then move on. We can take the temperature of a company culture at regular intervals, which reveals trends in workplace culture. Our platform can provide companies in-depth insights on which areas were improved and need improvement periods between trainings.

Download this infographic to see the areas in which workplace culture has dramatically changed between 2019 and 2021.

More than 20 million employee sentiment data points from 366,000 employees informed the shifts we see in today’s workplace culture. For more workplace culture insights, check out Emtrain’s Workplace Culture Insights page.

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