Wage & Hour (FLSA) Toolkit

FLSA & Wage and Hour Course

This course teaches managers wage and hour basics to reduce employer risk of wage and hour class asctions. View the course demo now.

Online Course

Wage & Hour Webinar

Watch our "Strategies to Manage Top 10 Wage and Hour Risks in California" webinar w/ Melinda Riechert Partner at Morgan Lewis & Bockius, LLP. (If you're a customer you can also assign this course to your managers right from your LMS)


DOL Podcast with Phyllis & Janine

Listen to the podcast to quickly learn from DLA Piper partner & employment law expert, Phyllis Cheng, how to comply with the DOL's new overtime rule.


Wage & Hour Guide

Use this guide to properly classify your employees as exempt or nonexempt.


Ask an Expert

Have a wage & hour question? Email our experts directly by clicking here!


Policy Acknowledgement Tool

Here's an easy tool to publish and document that employees know and understand your procedures for tracking and recording their hours worked.


Sample California Wage & Hour Policy Template

You can use this sample wage and hour policy to tailor your policy specifically to the needs of your organization.


Employee vs. Independent Contractor Worksheet

This worksheet will help you determine whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor.


Wage Notice to New Employees

Notice to new non-exempt employees summarizing their compensation and wages.


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