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Put inclusion first and ensure that all members of your team feel seen and heard. Get ahead of Pride Month, and start creating a learning plan around LGBTQIA+ awareness now.

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Build a foundation of Respect with Emtrain's Suite of LGBTQIA+ Focused Lessons and Resources

Emtrain is your partner in creating a culture of belonging and acceptance at work.
Emtrain’s 5-7 minute microlessons are perfectly suited for an ongoing engagement campaign that teaches employees how to navigate sensitive issues.

Learn the norms of behavior around proper pronoun usage...
Learn about dead naming and trans allyship....
Why some LGBTQIA+ employees may be reluctant to come out....
Understand the LGBTQIA+ experience and be a better ally....

Go the Extra Mile with a Full Course

The fundamentals of respecting gender diversity, including using respectful terms and pronouns....
Learn to spot forms of harassment....
Empower employees to overcome bias....
Understand uniform and fair hiring practices....

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Focused Resources To Share With Your Team


Over 20 million employee sentiment data points from 366,000 employees to provide insights into key Workplace Social Indicators™ that impact company culture.

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Witness how Emtrain helps you go beyond check-the-box compliance training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Emtrain’s course covers all protected characteristics required by state. See our State Map

Every year! Our team ensures we hit topical, timely, and relevant issues and cover specific state mandate requirements.

Yes, we have more than 50 translatable opinions.

Yes! We have an in-house video team, actors, and producers to create the most compelling workplace scenarios.

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