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From the world's largest brands to smaller growing companies -- thousands of organizations have chosen our training courseware, video on-demand services, and Learning Management System (LMS) to help meet their training needs and build successful corporate cultures.

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Our award-winning LMS is an easy-to-use training platform designed for all levels of HR professionals, trainers, and administrators. Our LMS bolsters compliance by allowing you to easily assign courses, workshops, videos, files, and generate audit-ready reports of your employees' training progress. You can even personalize the LMS to reflect your logo, colors, and terminology.
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CenterStage is Emtrain's video on-demand training library and platform. A cloud-based resource designed to let you easily request professional training video clips on various topics and integrate them directly in your eLearning scripts or customized training courses. CenterStage videos can be shared and assigned with any Learning Management System (LMS) tool -- making it the ideal video-based training library.
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