• Data driven
  • Engages minds
  • Measures impact

Emtrain’s platform uses employee sentiment data to measure the KPIs of inclusion like in-group/out-group dynamics and the presence–or lack thereof–of unconscious bias, social intelligence, and pre-existing mindsets.

Only 43% of employees believe they can be their authentic selves at work.

Build an inclusive culture you're proud to be a part of

Cultivate a culture of empathy through content that tells a story and workplace culture data that measures inclusion and belonging. Deliver key insights to Diversity Leaders and share strengths and weaknesses of organizational inclusion with decision makers.

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Emtrain's Unique Culture Platform

Diversity & Inclusion Courses

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Training Course

Allow everyone to be their authentic selves.

Unconscious Bias Training Course

Empower employees to overcome bias.

Equal Employment Opportunity Training

Understand uniform and fair hiring practices.

ADA Training Course

The basics of ADA protection and state disability laws.

Coaching and Mentoring Training Course

Several models for mentoring and career advancement.

Conflict and Resolution Management Training

Spot and de-escalate workplace disputes like a pro.

Diversity & Inclusion Microlessons

Shifting Our Mental Images of Women in the Workplace

Create an equitable society by shifting our perspectives of women.

Black Health and Wellness

Celebrate the medical achievements and contributions made by Black Americans.

Black History Month

Celebrating contributions and achievements of Black Americans.

Becoming an Actionable Ally

Learn to be an ally in a healthcare setting.

De-escalate Stressful Situations with Empathy

How to show empathy to a patient and exhibit allyship.

Building Belonging in a Healthcare Setting

How to minimize bias and build belonging with each other.

Using Active Listening Skills

How to approach conversations with curiosity, not assumptions.

Practicing Empathy and Composure

Manage and navigate bias while keeping your composure.

Supporting Neurodiverse Workplaces

Valuing differences is essential to building inclusive workplaces.

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage

Belonging is essential to a positive workplace culture.

Unconscious Bias Refresher

Continue your DEI education programs.

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities (AODA)

What are the 5 key AODA standards?

Inclusion in the Hybrid Workplace

How to be seen, heard, and build relationships from home

Uplifting LGBTQIA+ Voices

Understand the LGBTQIA+ experience and be a better ally.

Coming Out at Work

Why some LGBTQIA+ employees may be reluctant to come out.

Creating a Trans-Inclusive Workplace

Learn about dead naming and trans allyship.

Using Proper Pronouns

Learn the norms of behavior around proper pronoun usage

Navigating Generational Differences

Learn how to be intentional with your words to include others

Bias Against Asians

Reinforce equity, respect and inclusion for Asian Employees.

Politics: Pause Before You Post

What it really means to be a brand ambassador.

Diversity & Inclusion Diagnostic

Measure employee sentiment

Foreign Languages in the Workplace

Guidance on using foreign language in the workplace.

Black Lives Matter

Provide tools and practices to have a real conversation.

Power Implications and Inclusive Workplaces

Are your employees sharing their great ideas?

Respecting Different Employee Values

Teach employees how to have a healthy relationships.

Culture Fit & Inclusive Recruiting

What culture fit actually means and why it’s important.

Conducting Inclusive Team Meetings

Teach employees how everyone can be heard.