• Uncover concealed risk
  • Measure impact with data
  • Establish ethical norms

Our unique training platform identifies ethics KPIs that allow Compliance Leaders to share strengths and weaknesses of their organizations in a way C-Suites understand. In-course surveys gather employee sentiment data about organizational norms and practices, corporate accountability, and trust.

Only 64% of employees believe their co-workers handle personal information with appropriate care.

A solution that identifies both obvious and concealed risk

All of our courses are easy to implement with drag and drop functionality, contain thought provoking video content, and aggregate de-identified program efficacy data. We then deliver insights that inform further training, encourage courageous conversations, and improve corporate communications.

Video Sneak-Peek

Building a Positive Workplace Culture

Ethics & Compliance Courses

The Basics of Whistleblowing

Creating a Speak-Up Culture

Global Data Privacy Workplace Training

A must take course for any organization handling PI.

Code of Conduct Training Course

Clearly define a set of values and business conduct standards.

Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption FCPA Training Course

Educate on corporate ethics and guard against scandals.

Antitrust Compliance Training Course

What antitrust is and the major antitrust and anti-competition laws.

Conflict of Interest Training Course

Examples of risky conflicts of interests and nepotism.

Insider Trading Training

Learn to identify material, non-public, inside information.

Cyber Security Training Course

Practical guidance on common cyber security threats.

HIPAA Training Course

Protect your organization and your clientele’s PHI.

Ethics & Compliance Microlessons

Gathering All the Facts

How to ensure everyone is heard and valued.

Managing Contingent Workers

Legal guidance on managing contingent workers effectively.

Encouraging Employees
To Speak Up

Empower your workforce to speak up when they have a concern.

Ethics Diagnostic

Measure compliance program efficacy.

Health Information Privacy Rights

The dangers in asking about test results.

Managing COVID-19 in the Office

Address a few problems that may arise in your workplace.

COVID-19 and Returning to Work

We need to work together to prevent the spread of COVID.

Return to Work Policy and Procedures

Information about new safety protocols and procedures.

Information Security

How common mistakes can leave to big security breaches.

Antitrust and Colluding with Competitors

How to spot these schemes & respond in a professional way.

Conflicts of Interest

Teach employees how to say no to accepting gifts.

Bribery and Expense Reports

How this violation gets everyone in trouble.

Potential Conflicts with Nepotism

Special steps to take when hiring friends and family.

Active Shooter in the Workplace : How to Respond and Be Prepared

How to respond when the unthinkable happens.