Workplace Social Indicator Culture Diagnostic Evaluation Tool

Workplace Social Indicators

Use Emtrain's innovative analytic framework to weave ethics, respect and inclusion into your culture. Strengthen the social fabric of your workplace, build strong teams and facilitate a healthy workplace culture.

An early warning system, beyond compliance to prevention

Every social outcome is preceded by situational dynamics that we can use to assess and benchmark the culture of any workplace. Emtrain has developed a unique framework for identifying and measuring the key factors that impact organizational culture.

A Proprietary, Customizable Workplace Culture Diagnostic Evaluation Tool

A unique framework designed to empower organizations with data-driven workforce analytics. A proprietary software analytics method of surveyed information driving advice to businesses and decoding respect, inclusion and ethics.

Workplace Social Indicators

Emtrain’s Workplace Social Indicators is a unique framework decoding organizational culture. They identify and measure three key factors that impact a company's culture:
Ethics, Respect, and Inclusion