The Power of Rethinking Assumptions

How to Foster Curiosity

Unconscious bias refers to any prejudice that’s so ingrained that we’re not even aware of it. Whether it’s a stereotype or an outdated assumption, unconscious bias can be very harmful in the workplace because it causes us to treat others differently without even knowing it. To fight unconscious bias, we have to work actively to change our patterns of thinking. 

Microlesson Description

This microlesson shows the different forms unconscious bias can take and models strategies for dealing with it. Once we identify biased patterns of thought, we can work to shift them to a healthier mindset. This can be done reactively, by noticing your bias at the moment and resisting it, or proactively, exposing yourself to different viewpoints that contradict your biases.

Key Concepts

  • Common unconscious biases that people hold
  • How to detect unconscious bias in your thoughts/actions
  • How to “switch gears” in thinking
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