• Highlights nuances of behavior
  • Establishes a common language
  • Easy to administer

Emtrain’s comprehensive workplace harassment training online programs combine thought provoking video content with probing survey questions, giving you the most accurate employee sentiment data possible.

57% of employees see inappropriate behaviors go unchecked.

Only 43% of employees responded "often" or "very often" to "If someone does something inappropriate in the workplace, people will let them know."

Training that benchmarks workplace culture

We provide your employees with immediate feedback so they can see how their responses compare to others in your organization as well as all learners within the Emtrain client base. These insights combined with our proprietary Workplace Color Spectrum® allow employees to establish a shared language to talk about culture issues and surface potential conflict.

Video Sneak-Peek

Emtrain Gives Leadership Key Insights into Company Culture

Respect & Harassment Courses

Preventing Workplace Harassment

Learn to spot all forms of harassment.

Global Workplace Harassment Training

Special training for non-U.S. based employees.

Canada Workplace Harassment Training

Harassment training up to Canadian standards.

Equal Employment Opportunity Training

Understand uniform and fair hiring practices.

ADA Training Course

The basics of ADA protection and state disability laws.

Coaching and Mentoring
Training Course

Several models for mentoring and career advancement.

Conflict Resolution Training

Spot and de-escalate workplace disputes like a pro.

Interview Training

Conduct more effective job interviews to make informed hiring decisions.

Employee Motivation Training Course Program

New motivational techniques for all workplaces.

Hiring Restrictions

Establish job requirements and conduct an interview with background checks.

Performance Management Training

Develop a plan with a continuous feedback process.

FLSA Training

Basics for both the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and corresponding state laws.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training Course

Learn about the reasonable suspicion standard.

Workplace Safety Training

Establish illness and injury prevention plans.

Workplace Violence Prevention Training

Provide action plans in case violence occurs.

Respect & Harassment Microlessons

Managing COVID-19 in the Office

Address a few problems that may arise in your workplace.

Social Media Harassment

When a “harmless” joke turns into a dispute.

Emotional Intelligence
at Work

Improve your EQ and solve more problems.

Social Media Drama at Work

The danger of polarizing social media posts.

Navigating Harassment from Clients

Managers must think through unintended consequences.

Establishing Healthy Norms of Behavior

What shared norms look like for workplace culture.

Minimizing Gossip
at Work

How we about others matters to everyone in the workplace.

Power Implications and Off-Duty Conduct

Power dynamics are always at play, especially after-hours.

When Workplace Jokes Go Over the Line

Some jokes can negate inclusion and respect.

Social Intelligence as a Work Skill

Improve social radar as an essential work skill.

Recruitment Harassment Response

Handling a harassment complaint appropriately.

Effective Use of Team Chat Apps

Teach your team to harness the power of messaging apps.

Video Meeting Best Practices

Instruct employees on video conferencing practices.

Effective Email Communication

The do’s and don’ts of email communication at work.