Prove It Again Bias

How to Address Prove It Again Bias

Women and people of color often experience prove it again bias, meaning they experience constant scrutiny and the need to repeatedly prove themselves as competent.  We can interrupt that bias in the flow of work.

Microlesson Description

In this skill-building microlesson, we show how marginalized people are often viewed as less competent and forced to prove their competence over and over again. This lesson models the actions to interrupt the bias in real-time, and includes downloadable exercises to support group practice.

This microlesson is part of the Bias Interrupters program series based on Joan C. Williams and WorkLife Law's research on effective interventions to mitigate workplace bias. This microlesson series is also available in a full course.

Key Concepts

  • Judging people based on predetermined criteria, with evidence, interrupts prove it again bias.
  • Notice whether who you praise or criticize varies by gender or race.
  • Separate your assessments of people’s potential and their performance.
  • Notice when you generalize (or make assumptions) about a mistake or success. Be consistent.
  • Use data to check for patterns in sourcing, hiring, and promotions.

How to Use this Content:

Use this content as part of your manager and leadership development programs, as part of ERG learning materials, and in the flow of work for hiring team training and before performance reviews. Joan’s book, Bias Interrupted, is available now.

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