SB 1343 California Harassment Law

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Sexual Harassment Training Requirements for the #MeToo Era

Senate Bill 1343 (SB 1343) California - San Francisco City Hall SB 1343 Training

In July 2018 and in response to the #MeToo movement, the California legislature expanded the state’s sexual harassment training mandate originally set forth in AB 1825.  The expansions, known as SB 1343 (State of California Senate Bill 1343), modifies the original AB 1825 (State of California Assembly Bill 1825) mandate by requiring all California employees (both supervisory and non-supervisory) to receive sexual harassment training by January 1, 2020.

Emtrain’s Founder and CEO Janine Yancey was asked by the California Legislature to provide expert testimony regarding SB 1343 and help draft the final language of Senate Bill 1343 (SB 1343).

Watch Janine’s expert testimony to the California legislature on Senate Bill 1343 (SB 1343).

SB 1343 California Requirement

By January 1, 2020, California employers with at least five employees must provide:

  • At least two hours of sexual harassment prevention training to all supervisory employees
  • At least one hour of sexual harassment prevention training to all non-supervisory employees in California within six months of their assumption of either a supervisory or non-supervisory position. The training must be provided once every two years.
  • Employers must provide sexual harassment prevention training to temporary or seasonal employees within 30 calendar days after the hire date or within 100 hours worked if the employee will work for less than six months. In the case of a temporary employee employed by a temporary services employer (as defined by the California Labor Code) to perform services for clients, the training must be provided by the temporary services employer, not the client.
  • The anti-sexual harassment training may be conducted with other employees, as a group, or individually, and broken up into shorter time segments, as long as the two-hour requirement for supervisory employees and one-hour requirement for non-supervisory employees is reached.
What is the SB 1343 California bill?
California SB 1343 (State of California Senate Bill 1343) is a modifier of AB 1825 (State of California Assembly Bill 1825). It mandates that all California employees receive sexual harassment training. Non-supervisory employees are required to receive at least one hour of training every two years, whereas supervisory employees must receive two hours of training biennially.

The final Senate Bill 1343 (SB 1343) bill text can be found here.

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