Training Deck to Prevent Harassment in the Workplace

Preventing workplace harassment is a crucial role for company leadership and a core function of a dedicated HR department. Harassment in the workplace can dramatically impact culture, hiring, retention, and financial performance. Unfortunately, preventing harassment is no small feat. A well-formulated harassment prevention program should provide managers and employees with a language to use when discussing harassment, define harassment and provide examples, and establish a reporting and response process. This slide deck is a great starting point for any good harassment prevention plan.

The presentation was designed by subject matter experts Janine Yancey and Patti Perez. Janine, Emtrian’s founder and CEO, stays at the forefront of real-world, real-time harassment, bias, discrimination, and ethics issues. Patti is the primary author of the 2016 regulations relating to AB 1825 and training requirements in California and a new book on building a healthy workplace culture called The Drama-Free Workplace.

The slides walk you through harassment identification and prevention in a step by step, iterative process. They introduce Emtrain’s Workplace Color Spectrum™, a tool that color codes behavior so people describe conduct (not other people) in non-offensive, non-adversarial terms. From there, we define unlawful harassment and bullying, providing you with videos illustrating each concept. The presentation also provides guidance on harassment grey areas, retaliation, strict liability, and other critical topics.

Download this free resource now as a tool to educate your team on workplace harassment prevention or as a personal reference. And don’t forget to demo our Preventing Workplace Harassment Program to create the healthiest workplace culture for everyone in your organization.


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