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Happy Holidays from Emtrain!

Preventing Workplace Harassment

This holiday season remember: we’re only human. And that comes with the good, the bad, and the awkward.

Emtrain: Harassment Training Worth Taking

Preventing Workplace Harassment

With Emtrain, you’ll get a harassment training course your employees will actually enjoy.

Enhancing Team Communication: A Guide to Chat Etiquette in the Workplace

Preventing Workplace Harassment

Based on a real event where, during a company-wide meeting on video conference, a CEO has some hard messages to share and the group chat becomes reactive, with a barrage of negative comments and emojis.

Inclusive Language in the Modern Workplace: Navigating Nuances and Embracing Change

Preventing Workplace Harassment

Two coworkers talk about an upcoming “all hands” meeting when one stops and says “we’re not saying that anymore”…

Cube Crawl: Addressing Workplace Culture at Major Companies

Preventing Workplace Harassment

Male employees at a gaming company are conspiring about the “wild” workplace culture.

The “Crazy” Client

Preventing Workplace Harassment

Four coworkers discuss a difficult client who can’t seem to make up their mind.

Embracing Inclusivity: The Power of Pronouns in Today’s Workplace

Preventing Workplace Harassment

Three coworkers are having coffee when a new coworker’s name is brought up, “She’s awesome,” he says.

The Hotel Room

Preventing Workplace Harassment

Two colleagues meet in a hotel lounge the night before their first pitch together.

StockX Client Testimonial

Client Testimonials

Hear from Holly Betke Global Director, People Development from Stockx on their experience with Emtrain.

Whirlpool Client Testimonial

Client Testimonials

Hear from Gerritt J Wieringa Senior Counsel, Ethics & Compliance at Whirlpool their experience with Emtrain.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Client Testimonial

Client Testimonials

Hear from Nicola A. Buchanan, MA, CDP Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion from Memorial Sloan Kettering on their experience using Emtrain.

Withum Client Testimonial

Client Testimonials

Hear from Amy Plent Director of Learning and Development with Withum their experience with Emtrain.

A Couple of Dinners

Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption: FCPA

Two colleagues discuss strategies to get in front of a Finance Ministry’s purchasing representative.

I Need to Be in Those Meetings

Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption: FCPA

A local contractor in a South American-based US business steps outside the boundaries and meets with a Government Official on his own.

A Matter of Perspective

Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption: FCPA

A sales rep is trying to close a deal and gives a gift of a bottle of wine–which she pays for out her own pocket.

Cheap to Us

Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption: FCPA

A representative from a company is traveling abroad to meet with government officials.


Antitrust Compliance

The supply company rep from the previous video gets another call from a different client, and she’s annoyed that the Supply Company’s own team is offering an even larger promotion than hers, calling “channel conflict.”

I’ll See What I Can Do

Antitrust Compliance

A supply company rep gets a call from a frustrated client who tells him of a competing company’s aggressive “Delivery and Installation Special.”

Agreements About Labor

Antitrust Compliance

Two Recruiters run into each other at a job fair and talk about recruitment struggles.

Microaggressions: Retirement

Unconscious Bias

This instance of unconscious bias involves a coworker making assumptions both about their colleagues age, and financial situation.

Microaggressions: Wild Hair

Unconscious Bias

One of the most common microaggressions that people of color experience at work has to do with their natural hair texture.

Microaggressions: First Generation

Unconscious Bias

Microaggressions usually involve one person making what they might consider an innocuous statement that is clearly based off of internal biases.

Age Bias: A Real-Life Challeng

Unconscious Bias

One key takeaway from Emtrain’s Unconscious Bias training course is that we should always let people tell their own stories.

Navigating Workplace Dynamics: Unpacking Inclusion and Exclusion Scenarios

Diversity & Inclusion

Two employees are having a casual conversation in Spanish and don’t notice when their non-Spanish speaking co-worker stands by, wanting to participate.

Discovering Common Ground: The Power of Building Strong Workplace Relationships

Diversity & Inclusion

Two employees wait for a meeting to start and are surprised to find they have a lot more in common that they’d ever imagined, specifically a love for the same ball team.

Family Ties

Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption: FCPA

Apparently there is a family connection between a distributor and the company that the team is trying to woo.

Supply Chain Issues

Antitrust Compliance

Two sales colleagues run into each other and get into details around some supply-chain issues they’re dealing with.

Who Gets Heard in Meetings?

Unconscious Bias

A female employee is interrupted over zoom while sharing weekly reports by a male employee, and their male manager, steers the conversation back to her so she can be heard.

Bridging the Communication Gap: A Tale of Effective Communication for Managers

Diversity & Inclusion

There are always any number ways to approach a problem.