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Sexual Harassment Training Course

Go outside of a check-the-box solution with our engaging, learner friendly training course. Relatable content combines with real world situations, one-of-a-kind animations, and intermittent quizzing to educate your employees effectively!

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From the Emtrain Blog

A New Day, A New Sexual Harassment Scandal

A new day, a new sexual harassment scandal in the news. It’s clear we are in a watershed moment for the acknowledgement of illegal behavior and real consequences for those who conduct it.
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Halloween is Behind Us, but Cyber Creeps and Digital Nightmares are Year Round!

Bad-actors, hackers, cyber-criminals, and other kinds of cyber creeps are out and about, and yes, they want company and personal data (information). Their motives and desired objectives and methods differ (and that’s a matter for discussion at another time), but the threat is always present.
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Check the Drama at the Door: Part 6

Welcome back to ‘Check the Drama at the Door,’ our ongoing series about preventing workplace conflict and promoting a healthy culture. Over the past few weeks, I have been identifying potentially “triggering” events or issues and turning points at which companies may be able to take steps to avoid strife, boost productivity and loyalty and, one hopes, make their businesses desirable employers.
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"I needed a training solution that was both flexible and engaging, I found Emtrain.Their courses had a sleek, modern design and the workplace scenario videos were realistic everyday, up-to-date scenes. Then when my employees started talking about the workplace scenarios after they had completed their training - I knew the training was memorable and I had accomplished my goal."

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