Unconscious Bias Training Course

Recognize and Prevent Implicit Bias at Work

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Our most loved and popular course has new tools, content, and videos to help minimize bias and build Inclusion skills for today's workforce. Unconscious bias exists in all of us. It helps us make quick decisions by identifying patterns that pop up in the day to day life. Inherent bias is not, in and of itself, a bad thing. But when we allow those biases to negatively (or positively) influence other people’s opinions without the proper information or context, we run into trouble. People should base their perceptions of their coworkers on concrete words, actions, and accolades. However, unconscious biases cause us to make assumptions based on race, age, gender, and any other aspects of our appearance. 

Course Description
This online Unconscious Bias training (aka Implicit Bias Training Program) in the workplace for employees explains the concept of unconscious bias and shows learners how their gut feelings, if left unchecked, can lead to decisions and behaviors that help some people and hinder others.
The new unconscious bias course is designed to help people make better people decisions, which is necessary to build inclusion. This is our introductory course that provides a baseline measurement of employees’ inclusion skills and precedes our inclusion skill-building lessons. 

What is an Unconscious Bias training for employees?
Unconscious Bias training course for employees educates on the concept of unconscious bias, helping everyone understand and recognize their own unconscious biases toward other individuals. It also provides suggested behaviors and actions to mitigate preconceived notions we are used to. However, the Unconscious Bias course must connect to the bigger picture and take diversity and inclusion into account.

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Course Snapshot

Course length: 20 or 30 minutes

Audience: Managers and employee program versions

Key Concepts

  • How unconscious bias influences our decisions and actions.
  • For employees, common examples of behaviors that help some people and hinder others, including how tasks are assigned and who gets heard in meetings.
  • For managers, guidance on who gets recruited and hired and who gets recognized and advanced.
  • The importance of awareness of different perspectives and empathy for others.
  • How to spot mistaken assumptions and missed opportunities in daily interactions.
  • Practical strategies to minimize the impact of unconscious bias and how to recognize and set aside old patterns to become more inclusive.
  • A new method for minimizing unconscious bias: The Two Gear Method, which teaches employees how and when to slow down and use the Big Gear of critical thinking versus allowing fast, intuitive assumptive thinking (Little Gear)

Course Features

  • Mobile first design – intended for learners to take on their phones
  • Configurable lessons – mix/match lessons to create your own tailored program
  • Branded – apply your brand, color and logo to the program
  • Interactive Polling Questions dynamically share data on other employee perspectives
  • Gives employees direct access to Emtrain unconscious bias subject matter experts for best practices
  • Shares anonymized, curated questions submitted by learners and answered by Emtrain experts
  • Available in English. Other languages are available upon request.

Course Experts

Nancy Douyon
Ethics & Culture Expert
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Janine Yancey
Founder & CEO Workplace Visionary
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